Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trade with Mark of This Way to the Clubhouse

I'm not sure what took Mark of This Way to the Clubhouse and I to strike up a trade, but I'm definitely glad we were able to get one completed.  Mark wrote about our trade right HERE. I sent him some Mets cards and he sent me a few cards I needed for my collection:

First up is a 1997 Topps Tommy Harper.  He wore many different hats during his career and was solid player at all of his stops judging from the back of this card.
I think 2011 was the last year that Topps did the Legends SPs in the base set and this is a parallel of said SPs.  I'm glad to have this Palmer to add to my notebook.
A lot of my older team sets are reaching completion through some of my purchases on Sportlots but 1997 Fleer Ultra gets closer to completion but adding this Wady Almonte.  He never made to the big club so this is probably a Spring Training photo.
Last but certainly not least is a cool insert of Brooks Robinson.  I love the card but I think it could have been even better if the wood grain went all the way to the edge of the card instead of the pea-green it is now.

Thanks Mark for the quick and easy trade!

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  1. The pleasure was mine. I look forward to future trades!