Saturday, July 20, 2013

Card Show Pickups: Orioles Personal Collections

I didn't neglect my other Orioles needs at the show either.  I'm going to show off a bunch that I pulled from dime boxes.  Once again each card posted here was a dime!
I nice Koji rookie card from Bowman Sterling.  FOR A DIME!  I really miss this guy pitching for us though the return we got in trade for him has definitely been worth it.
I left the penny sleeve on this one to show you how much this card sold for in 1998.  Now it's just a dime box card that will live in my Roberto Alomar PC
This card scanned like crap.  It's numbered out of the absurd # of 3500.
I've seen the Donruss version of this card a ton of times before but never the Leaf.  Eddie's stare on this card basically said "Take me home with you or else".  I did out of fear of the repercussions.   BTW, the Leaf logo looks more like a feather to me.
Last but not least a Brady Anderson I hadn't gotten before.  It's an all-time favorite from the Topps Archives in the 1999 Topps design.  I like 1999 Topps because of the minimalist design they used.  If they would have used team logos instead of just the name, I think it would have had a little more mass appeal.


  1. I don't if he did this in Baltimore or not, but I've never seen a more enthusiastic player coming off the mound than Koji.
    He's going to put someone on the DL with one of his high-fives one of these days.

  2. Nice scores! I really like the Preferred Alomar, and I can't believe you got that for a dime. The fact that sellers don't care about most inserts these days really pays off.