Sunday, July 21, 2013

Card Show Pickups: Chipper Jones Gallery

Chipper Jones has been a minor PC for me and when I see his cards going for basically peanuts (10 cents) I put them in my pile and then add them to my binder pages.  Since I'm feeling Chipper this morning, I'm going to show off just 10 of the best out of the 25 or so that I bought.
A very early 90s Chipper.  Notice the 4 as a jersey number.  Probably has a 6, 7, 8, or 9 in front of it.
Textbook Excellence is a good description of Chipper.
Another shiny card that attracted my attention in the dime boxes.
Looks like just a reguar old Collectors Choice card but this one has the Silver Signature. Larry Wayne Jones Jr.
 It doesn't look that way in the scan but this one does have a refractor-ish sheen to it.
This was a pretty cool insert from 2009's Topps Unique.  I think it showed players all in retro uniforms.
A nice looking Pinnacle card commemorating Chipper's HR Derby performance from 1997(?).
I've always wanted to bust a box of Topps Gallery from the late 90s.  I saw a box of 1997 Gallery for 30 dollars at the show but didn't bite on it.  Oh well.
I'm somewhat surprised to see Chopper made the 10th anniversary team for 1999 Upper Deck.  He was only in the Majors for 3 or 4 seasons when this card came out.
I think Fleer Tradition from the early 2000s was pretty cool.  I liked the vintage inspired designs but I wish that they had just a regular "Fleer" set for those years.


  1. I love those Gold Label cards. Kind of reminds me of today's Tribute.

  2. Interesting that they used his full name signature for the Collector's Choice 94(?) silver signature card. I assume they probably just copied it from his contract with them but I would imagine he would not like that card if he saw it. He has always been very adamant about disliking being called Larry.