Saturday, December 2, 2023

TTM Success: Al Bumbry

Today is the last of the TTM requests I sent out back in 2014.  Coincidentally, I am posting this success on the same day as another request to him was just picked up from my mailbox.

Al Bumbry is often forgotten as an Orioles star from the late 70s and early 80's, The O's had plenty of star power that included Brooks Robinson Reggie Jackson, Eddie Murray, Ken Singleton, Dennis Martinez,  Jim Palmer and Cal  just to name a few. Its not hard to see how you could get lost in the mix when you mention those guys.

Bumbry stands on his own as a great Orioles player.  He had one All-Star appearance in 1980 and won the World Series in 1983.  He was a great table setter for many of the greats that I named above.

He lives in Maryland so it's not unusual to see him at Orioles events including Fanfest, and Charity Events.
1981 Fleer
1981 Fleer has its faults but this is a nice card if Al smiling into the stands as his picture was snapped.
1981 Topps
Here's a good action shot of Bumbry.  It looks great signed.
He also added an signed Orioles postcard to the package.  I pleasant surprise!  The Orioles have always seemed to do a great job of helping out collectors over the years and having these postcards available at team events.  I've got a ton of them from Fanfest and various other team events.

I sent my cards out on December 17th, 2014 and received the return package on March 9th 2015 for an 81 day TAT

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