Monday, December 4, 2023

TTM Success: Wally Bunker

 Here's a nice TTM success that showed up in my mailbox a few weeks back.  Wally Bunker was a teenage phenom for the Orioles in the mid 60's.  He made his MLB Debut at the age of 18 and fired a complete shutout against the Dodgers in the 1966 World Series.  Arm troubles and ineffectiveness plagued him after that defining game and threw his last major league pitch when he was 26.

He and his wife also published some children's books in 2015.

I've grown in a appreciation of the 1968 Topps set over the years. I've come to like the burlap sack borders and the simple design overall.
I'm not sure what else I can say about 1965 Topps other that its an all-time favorite of mine and they look great autographed.

I mailed these 2 cards out on November 1st, 2023 and got them back November 14th 2023 for a 13 day TAT.  Thank You Mr. Bunker!


  1. I've always like the '68 design, and have never understood why so many don't.

  2. When I was collecting these in 1968, I remember thinking that Topps really improved the look with the finer-grain burlap beginning in series 2.