Friday, December 1, 2023

2023 Topps Chrome Update value box pack 5

I'm beginning to wonder if I wasted my money on this value box.  Not a whole lot of true rookie cards and no Orioles as of yet.  Rookie Debut cards are ok, and I've gotten some decent trade bait but nothing I really collect.  Lets see what today's pack holds:

As far as keepers, nada. I might keep the Miller since he seems like a good prospect for the Dodgers.  the second and final Sepia refractor is Juan Yepez along with the base version.

The fifth card in the pack:
Wow, I wasn't expecting and autograph much less it being a green #'d to 99.  Though it is a sticker autograph, it still has some value.  If anybody is interested in making a trade for it, I'm open to offers.  If not, its probably going to go up on the Bay of E.

So tonight's off color Christmas song is pretty appropriate I think.  AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas.  The mistress of course being cardboard.


  1. You might want to sit on that card before selling it. Rodon was horrible for the Yankees last year, so his card might not fetch much. If (big if) he can turn it around it might drive the price way up.

  2. Nice Rodon auto! Haven't seen many Yanks of him