Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Trade with Greg of Night Owl Cards

 I recently made a trade with the astonishingly consistent Night Owl.  Its probably been nearly 10 years since I made a trade with Greg.  He sent some great cards this time.

Not a baseball card, but I don't remember Night Owl having his own business card.  Nice touch!

I've been working on a full run of Diamond Kings from 1982 thru 1996.  Night Owl was able to knock these two off of the 1986 list.
He was able to hit my 2023 Orioles wantlist with these awesome cards.  I'm super excited with the Henderson mini!
I've added some vintage food issues to my Orioles team set wantlist including the Kellogg's 3-D cards. Any Eddie Murray card is an awesome one, but this has three dimensions of that stare.  I'm just getting started with the 3-D's, Post, and..... 

the Hostess food issues.  This Doug DeCinces Hostess from 1977 is just the beginning of my team sets of them.

Greg also sent a pile of UD Masterpieces from 2008 to fill some holes on my second set build.

Thanks Greg for the awesome cards.  Hopefully we wont wait a decade to trade again.


  1. The business card was created by my daughter. The last time I traded with you she was a high school freshman. Now she is an adult with a fancy job and lives hours away.

  2. I thought I commented on this already but there was no comment listed ... The business card was designed by my daughter. She was a high school sophomore the last time we traded. Now she's moved away and has a fancy graphics job.

    1. On a whim, I checked my comments tab on the blogger dashboard and saw that both of your comments needed to be approved. I got several other emails for comments that needed to be approved since yours was posted... I legit don't understand why your comments are singled out.

  3. And if you ever end up with any Hostess duplicates, they look really good signed :)